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Top-of-Mind Awareness in your Community

For 17 years, You! be the Judge has been creating for its lawyer sponsors trust, respect, a high profile in the community... and new clients.

Many new clients walk into my office with a copy of the You! be the Judge column I sponsor in the local paper. Because they see my ad in a “public service” context, together with my photo, they feel they know me – and can trust me.

Sponsor You! be the Judge in Print and Online

“Our name recognition skyrocketed the moment we started sponsoring You! be the Judge. Frankly our sponsorship has given us the best bang for our advertising buck!”
George Wright, Senior Partner AWOC 15-year sponsor

Expand Your Visibility Online

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A great way to dialogue and keep in touch with your clients
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The Online Link

This Week’s Column: Get Those Cops Out Of My Trash!
She was swathed in mink and diamonds. And fingering a wad of cash...

Blanket Your Entire Community with an Online
Public Service Visibility

Add to your email contact list the local schools, community colleges, and senior residences, where You! be the Judge is a favorite teaching tool teachers and program directors use to entertain, energize and empower! Never forget, students have parents! And seniors have grown children!

I don’t know what you’re trying to pull, but when you ask me what I think, I feel good about me.”
Grade 11 Student – who speaks for all readers

Interactive Entertainment: The Hook

Engaging stories about real people

Based on actual court cases from around the world. Sometimes outrageous, sometimes hilarious,... always touching the human condition... and the human heart. It’s not surprising that You! be the Judge is read and debated by up to 91% of a paper’s readers... who see the lawyer’s ad every week!

We were ‘new kids on the block’ when we started sponsoring this column. In 4 years we overtook the top firm in town with solid lawyering, strong visibility in the social clubs, and You! be the Judge played an important part in that visibility. (At Chamber - ‘Hey Dave, saw your column today. Have a moment to chat about the decision? I’ll call you tomorrow. I Have a similar problem.’ )”
Sliman Stander 4-year sponsor

“Feel Good About Me”  The Magic

Turning reader into client

When the column invites the readers to ‘be the judge’, they are being told their opinion counts. They “feel good about themselves” This “feel good” morphs into trust and respect of the lawyer sponsor. It is no wonder that when a You! be The Judge reader needs a lawyer, the sponsoring lawyer’s name and face will pop into mind.

The results have been absolutely amazing. People know who I am and what I am about, based on my ads which comment on these engaging columns about real people. I achieved in a few months a level of familiarity which would have otherwise have taken years.”
Marcia Matsui, Sole Practitioner 10-year sponsor

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