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Tailor Made for Dispute Resolution Lawyers and Mediators

Dispute Resolution The very essence of You! Be the Judge. “Good Decision?” “Bad Decision?” “What are the parties really fighting about?” “How can they find a solution which will allow both of the parties to leave court a winner!” It is by its very nature interactive and stimulates discussion, sometimes very heated discussion.

Expand Community Awareness of Dispute Resolution You! Be the Judge is an ideal vehicle to introduce dispute resolution to the general public. It brings awareness through the delightful entertaining dramatization of everyday conflicts. Yet it’s based on a serious legal foundation and thus evokes the respect of the reader - “I laugh and I learn!” and “You never make me feel stupid!”

You! Be the Judge in the Schools Even the Canadian Armed Forces. The columns are used in the community schools as well as ESL, etc. The dispute resolution lawyer and mediator is doing a public service in making the columns available.


I am a teacher for the Canadian Forces, currently teaching English as a Second Language to military personnel (I also teach French as a Second Language). I teach adults ranging in age anywhere from 18 to 45 or so...our classes are great because the max is 10 in any class.

Your newspaper columns (which I have taken from the Times Colonist here in Victoria) have been a great way for me to introduce a lot of idioms and general vocabulary to my students. As well, the articles encourage lively debate. On a separate note--my father was a Judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia and it seems rather appropriate that I use this type of method in my teaching!

You! Be the Judge. Copyright 2011 Haika Enterprises Inc.

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