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Ever dream of being a celebrity in your own hometown?

Celebrity at the Gym "I was sitting at the counter at the gym’s coffee shop, tired after a hard workout, when the guy next to me who's reading You! Be the Judge in the paper looks up at me and says, ‘Excuse me, but aren’t you the lawyer that sponsors You! Be the Judge?’ I sighed. It’s not easy to be a celebrity!”

Celebrity in the Hospital
I bet you’ve never dreamt of lying in a hospital bed right after an operation and suddenly the door opens, and a nurse bursts in followed by 2 young nurses. “See, I told you. There he is. The sponsor of You! Be the Judge!"

Celebrity in the Store

Storekeeper: "Hi, Mr. Wright."
Mr. Wright: "Do I know you?"
Storekeeper: "No, but I know you! I see your picture every week in You! Be the Judge!"

Celebrity and Confucius
Confucius says, "Be careful what you wish for. You might get it." So if your first reaction to celebrity is to sigh and moan "It isn’t easy to be a celebrity!", listen to Confucius - Don’t sponsor You! Be the Judge!


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