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So You Have a Website...

And pages on Facebook and Twitter...

Now What?

What will bring existing and prospective clients to your online pages every week... and keep them there?

Entertain them so they come back again and again... and again?

Get them involved and sharing the fun of 'You Be The Judge' (and your name, of course) with family and friends.

What can do all of that and give you a high profile, public service image? And an increased client base and revenue?

From Cyber Dust to a Hub of Activity

You! Be the Judge to the Rescue

The You! Be the Judge Personalized Online Column can do for your law firm online what it has done for its law firm sponsors in print across North America for the past 17 years - achieve top-of-mind awareness in your community.

A weekly online newsletter that your recipients can't wait to receive.

A stream of visitors to your website...EVERY WEEK!

A stream of visitors to your social media pages....EVERY WEEK!

The You! Be the Judge Link to Personalized Online Column

The three components of the You! Be the Judge Link to Personalized Online Column (which we send you every week) are:

The Column Title

The Column Blurb

The Column Link


This Week's Column: Get Those Cops Out Of My Trash!
"She was swathed in mink and diamonds. And fingering a wad of cash..."

How Your "Personalized" You! Be the Judge Column Works

The column is personalized so that when your readers click your column link:

Your large scale ad with a photo will appear in the column, and;

Your personal "plug" - where you can include links to your social media pages and/or website - will appear after the column.

In your personal plug, you can invite your readers to comment on the column and/or read through the content on your Twitter, Facebook, etc. and your Website.

Best of all, you won't have to do anything technical. Just post the Link to Your Personalized Online Column! Where do you post it? The choice is yours. You can post it in your email newsletter, on your social media pages, on your website!

Your Greatly Expanded Email Contact List

You're sending top entertainment so don't be shy! Expand your email contact list to include:

The email contact lists of the Chamber of Commerce and all the other service clubs to which you belong.

Principals and social science teachers from all the schools in your community where You! Be the Judge can be used as a teaching tool - In middle and high schools, community colleges, and ESL (English as a Second Language)

Program directors of retirement communities in your community where You! Be the Judge is a highly requested stimulant to active discussion.

And don't forget the usual contacts: clients, prospective clients, business contacts, associates, suppliers, family, friends...everyone!

Interactive Content

Let the Debate Begin
People don't just read the column. They get riled up. They take sides. They try to guess the judgement - and then they judge the judge's decision! And most importantly, they come back again and again. Start this debate by inviting the readers to comment on the You! Be the Judge column on your website, Facebook page and/or Twitter account.

Share Your Own Comment
Some sponsors like to open the discussion with their own comment. It is a great way to bond with viewers! As seen by our examples below, comments can be short one-liners or a bit longer. Your readers will learn to trust and respect you through these personalized comments. So when the time comes, they will know who to turn to when they require legal assistance:

"Hey Bob, saw the You! Be the Judge column on your website. Can't believe the decision. Have a moment to discuss it? And while we're at it, we should set up an appointment. I've got a similar problem."

Marcia Matsui, a 10-year sponsor, shares her experience and notes the comment isn't legal advice but rather a chance to relate your thoughts on these real stories that happen to real people.

See a sample of Marcia Matsui's "In Plain English":  CLICK HERE   

See a sample of Taylor & Saretzky's short and sweet comments:  CLICK HERE

  The Magic of You! Be the Judge

     Great Visibility
          Surveys have shown that 84-
          91% of all viewers read
          You! Be the Judge.
     A Public Service
          Sponsoring You! Be the Judge
          inspires trust, confidence
          and respect.
     Increased Revenue
          You! Be the Judge brings in
          business for its lawyers -
          the numbers don't lie.
     Lawyer Testimonials
          "Everybody stops me on the
          street - except other
          lawyers! "

   If You! Be the Judge is the Online Catalyst you've been looking for, contact us to assure exclusive sponsorship of
   You! Be the Judge in your community!

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