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Administrative Sample Titles

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1. Suicidal Alcoholic Wants a Gun License!

Woman is refused a gun license because she had recently been a suicidal alcoholic.


2. Gag Order for Teachers?

Teacher is reprimanded for criticizing her son's teacher at parent interviews.


3. Too rich to pay

Wife who wants to stay home with kids cannot discharge student loans.


4. Ban Mom from School?

Mother is banned from communicating with school after her endless complaints drive school officials crazy.


5. Bank Account Disaster

Contract allows for unilateral addition of parties to bank account - but she cleans out the account!


6. Suing over sewers

Municipality is sued over malfunctioning sewers which destroy a home.


7. Term Paper Disaster!

Student sues teacher for reporting him as suspected child abuser because of missing footnote in term paper.


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