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Employment Sample Titles

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1. Lie Detector at the Office?

Employee is fired for refusing to take lie detector test in office theft investigation.


2. I Was Secretly Videotaped at Work!

Embezzler claims her boss had no right to plant a hidden video camera.


3. Too Old for a Decent Raise?

Company policy favors the younger employees indirectly. Is that discrimination?


4. Whistleblower Gets Fired

Whistleblower complains to the wrong person and is rightly fired.


5. No Firewomen Allowed?

Female Firefighter is fired after the whole department walks off in protest.


6. Screaming Boss Caused Post Traumatic Shock!

Employee is entitled to workman’s compensation after a screaming incident provoked a bad anxiety attack.


7. Dear boss, I hate you!

Laid off employee is arrested for uttering threats after sending yearly nasty letters to ex boss.


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