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Family Sample Titles

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1. Grandma’s Robbing the Cradle!

Elderly woman wants expensive gifts back from young man who spurns her romantic advances.


2. My Kids Need $65,000 a Month!

Kids want huge monthly allowance from millionaire dad.


3. A 10 year old Jewel Thief!

Parents have to prove they supervised well to get out of liability for their kid's theft.


4. But That’s MY Baby!

Man wants paternity test for his married girlfriend's baby.


5. He Gambled Away OUR Money!

Husband gambled away $100,000. Wife wants more than half the assets to compensate.


6. She Turned the Kids Against Me!

Mother fined $10,000 for alienating children from her ex husband.


7. Daddy I hate your girlfriend!

Ex wife claims the kids don’t want to spend time with their father’s girlfriend.


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