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Insurance Sample Titles

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1. Climb Every Mountain?

Mountain climber gets high altitude edema and dies but insurers won't pay.


2. Doctor on Drugs?

Insurers refuse to pay when doctor addicted to pain killers dies of an overdose.


3. A Car Jacking Loss



4. Don’t Drive and Drink…Coffee?

Wife is negligent in accepting a ride with her hub who can't gets coffee drinks when he drinks coffee.


5. Road Rage Stopped His Heart!

Man with heart condition suffers heart attack when he’s run off the road. Is that a car accident covered by insurance?


6. Pay Up, Nasty Insurance Company

Insurers must pay a million dollars in punitive damages for abusing their power in dealing with a desperate family.


7. He Threw a Rock at My Windshield!

Insurers claim they don't cover random act of violence against car owner.


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