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Property Sample Titles

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1. Can You Evict A Schizophrenic?

Landlord tries to evict Schizophrenic tenant who screams when she's off her meds.


2. A Cruise Ship at the Neighbours?

Neighbours go nuts at boat building next door.


3. You Stole My View!

Neighbours fight over big fence that blocks bay view.


4. Noisy Neighbour

Man plays music so loud that neighbours can't be at home, call police 26 times.


5. Stop Dragging That Boat Across My Property

Right of way to lake being blocked by property owners.


6. Finders Weepers?

A worker wants to keep precious coins he found while redoing a client’s driveway.


7. I Can’t Live with Chicken Wings!

Condo owner wants damages because of greasy restaurant smells.


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