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Sports Sample Titles

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1. He Shoots, He Scores...He knocks him out?

Players get into a fist fight and end up in court.


2. Baseball Game on the Roof?

Rooftop owner is sued for selling tickets to watch baseball game from his rooftop.


3. Girls Playing Football?!

Female university student fights for the right to be kicker on the male football team.


4. That Million Dollar Baseball is MINE!

Fans fight over million dollar baseball that flew into the stands.


5. Raging Parent Attacks Referee!

Referee wants police protection from angry parents of little league players.


6. Disaster on the Ski Hill

Reckless skier kills another skier by accident and charged with manslaughter.


7. They Revoked My Ticket over a Washroom Visit!

Corporate ticket season holder loses subscription when female guest goes to men’s washroom.


8. Player Takes a Swing at His Own Fans!

Athlete rages against angry spectator who throws a drink in his face.


9. Don’t Let Them Scalp Tickets!

Can baseball team scalping its own tickets through a broker it owns?


10. Just say NO…to Drug Testing?!

Student athletes fight the school’s drug testing policy.


11. That Gold Medal Should Be MINE!

Winner of Olympic Silver argues a mistake in the scoring means he should be awarded gold medal.


12. Stop screaming, Coach!

Player sues coach for his yelling and screaming.


13. Get Back on the Ice!

Can fans sue players for walking out on the job?


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