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Wills Sample Titles

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1. Dad Didn’t Leave Me Enough in his Will!

Handicapped child wants her father’s will changed claiming she needs more money for her care.


2. Greedy Relatives move in for the kill

Relatives sue when lonely widower gives all his money to caregiver.


3. Honor Thy Father’s Will?

Disinherited son wants an estate allowance.


4. But He Said He Was My Father!

An acknowledgment of paternity cannot be challenged in the future.


5. Children conceived after Father’s death want his money!

Whether children conceived through reproductive technologies after father's death can inherit from his estate.


6. Let Me Marry Who I Want!

Daughter fights will which makes inheritance conditional on her marrying an Greek Orthodox.


7. You Guilted Me Out of My Inheritance!

Heiress dies before she can disinherit her ex boyfriend.


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