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Powerful Presence in the Community

Trust, Confidence and Respect

You! Be The Judge empowers readers by telling them their opinion is just as valid as that of the lawyers and the judges.

It is this reader empowerment that is the magic of You! Be The Judge. It wraps feelings of trust, confidence and respect around the sponsors.

Serious Legal Information

You! Be The Judge is fun. But that's just part of the picture. Because underneath the fun are the serious legal concepts that lawyers use to plead their cases and judges use to decide them.

A "Local" Column in the True Sense of the Word

Readers bring to their debate their own local community standards. That's why the You! Be The Judge debate in Idaho is different from the You! Be The Judge debate in California.

Public Service

You! Be The Judge is considered by law societies to be a "public service".

Imagine the positive image of sponsors of a public service column which entertains and informs practically the entire community!

You! Be the Judge. Copyright 2011 Haika Enterprises Inc.

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