Radio Contest: "She Couldn't Wait"


HELEN: Burt, thanks for taking me shopping. Could you get the ramp down for my wheelchair?

Eighty-year-old Helen was in a rush to get a roast into the oven.

HELEN: My grandchildren are coming for dinner.

Burt lowered the ramp, but when Helen turned around for Burt's help, he wasn't around. There he was, chatting with his friend on the sidewalk.

HELEN: I can't wait any longer. I'll just have to tackle the ramp on my own.

Just as Burt was saying goodbye to his friend, he heard...

[CRASH, moan]

Helen's wheelchair had crashed off the ramp. She was in agony.Her leh was broken. Helen sued the bus company.

BAILIFF: All rise. The court is now in session.

Helen was still in a cast.

HELEN: Your Honor, the bus company must ensure my safety. Their driver failed to do so.

The bus company disagreed.

BUS OFFICIAL: We feel badly about the accident, but it was Helen's fault. She should have waited for Burt's assistance down the ramp.

Should the bus company be liable for Helen's damages? You! Be the Judge! In a moment, the decision.

And now, the court's decision.

JUDGE: Mr. Bus Company, pay Helen for half her damages. You owe her a duty of care until she's safely inside her home. But Helen is also half responsible because of her impatience.

You! Be the Judge. Copyright 2009 Haika Enterprises Inc.